What is Eden?
Eden is a community of individuals cooperating to maximize the independence of its members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all.

One of the principles of Eden is that two people working together are stronger than two uncoordinated individuals. By working together both people increase their individual power and independence in the world. Anytime two or more people come together a process is needed for consensus building and delegation of authority.
What is EdenOS?
Eden OS is a unique governance process that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to identify the best community representatives in a manner that has as its goal the avoidance of devolving into party politics, popularity contests, or incumbent advantage.

One of the most important ways any community can achieve independence is to adopt its own currency. Currency is one half of most transactions and represents the economic power of the individuals and the community as a whole. The Eden community has chosen EOS to be its currency of choice and will work to maximize the utilization and adoption of EOS as a currency both within the community and outside.

Eden OS is the “operating system” of this community and it governs how community members are added and removed as well as how community funds are allocated to representative members.
So then, what is Eden on EOS?
Eden on EOS is the collective term for the brand and messaging around launching the Eden effort on the EOS Main net. The overall process of define, launch, and enable Fractal Democracy, and the release of the software (EdenOS) Clarion is releasing for the broader Eden community.
How do I become a member of Eden?
All are welcome to apply to join our Community. If you would like to do so, please start HERE.
What is the purpose of the trial election?
With any new governance process and technology, it is important to test and debug the methodology before scaling it to a much larger membership. A small scale voting test will allow us to learn from any mistakes and further refine the process.
If you win the trial election, does that help in the general election?
Winning the trial election does not guarantee you will do equally well when the main election is held ... but it certainly can't hurt :)
If I win the 1,000 EOS award, what do I do with the award proceeds?
You are free to do whatever you want with the funds.
Is it possible to form an Eden on ETH or Eden on XLM, etc?
Yes, the EdenOS platform will ultimately be blockchain-agnostic, and therefore we fully support the development of Eden on ETH or Eden on DOT groups.
Is there an official forum for Eden?
Yes, please join the conversations HERE.